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Job Search Service Offerings

NH-enterIf you are a current NH resident conducting a job search to find your next career opportunity in NH…Or if you are planning to relocate to NH and need to find a new job in NH, we can help.

Don’t make the same mistake of most job hunters, wasting your time on the job boards. Less than 3% of all new jobs are landed through advertised openings. yet, most job hunters spend 95% of their job search efforts sending their resume into the HR black hole that is the inevitable destination of a job ad.

The better, faster, more efficient, and far more effective way to land your next job opportunity is to conduct a proactive, targeted job search. Conducting your search in this manner can help you land a new job in HALF the time or LESS while helping ensure that you don’t just land in any job, but instead that you land in an IDEAL job that is personally, professionally, and financially REWARDING.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Your Job Search Blueprint

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step job search plan
  • Created specifically for you
  • Tailored to your specifications – all professions, all industries, all levels
  • Names and locations of up to 20 prospective employers that match your career goals
  • Names and locations of the recruiter/headhunter/employment agencies to contact
  • Names of the industry and professional associations you might consider joining
  • Industry-focused websites to follow
  • LinkedIn Groups you can join
  • Facebook Groups you can join
  • Instructions on exactly what to do to maximize the info in your plan
  • Click here to see an example ( content will vary based on your specific job search focus)
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Step 2: Detailed Employer Research

Receive a multi-page report on each company you request (discounts available for multiple companies). Information provided will vary based on a variety of factors and what is available. We strive to provide as much information as possible. The typical report will include information such as:

  • Company location, main phone, fax, website, etc.
  • Company LinkedIn page, Twitter page, Facebook page, and Google+ page
  • Company size and number of employees
  • Credit rating
  • Date company started
  • Descriptive information
  • Industry classifications
  • Possible contacts for your search (names, job titles, direct phone and email when available)
  • Links to recent news about the company
  • Publicly available financial information
  • Links to information about employment at the company
  • Information about the company’s largest competitors
  • Information about the company’s geographically closest peers (possible additional targets for your job search)
  • Click here to see an example ( content will vary based on your specific job search focus)


  • 1-5 company reports $125 each
  • 6-10 company reports $105 each
  • 11 or more company reports $85 each

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Step 3: Your Personal Marketing Campaign

For more than 20 years, Distinctive Documents has been helping job hunters put their best foot forward, promoting themselves in the job market with standout, results-generating resumes, job search correspondence, LinkedIn profiles, and other personal career marketing documents. We assist job seekers at all levels: new grads and entry level to the highest C-level executives, and in virtually all industries and professions.logo8Our offer: Get a $35 discount on resume writing services for any job search focused on finding new employment in the state of New Hampshire. To get your discount, complete a quote request form here and in the comments section indicate that you are job searching in NH. Along with your quote, we will provide a coupon code for your discount.