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Job Search Blueprint

Step 1: Your Job Search Blueprint

An effective, successful job search is so much more than just scouring the job boards and answering ads. Our step-by-step job search blueprints prepared specifically to individually to match your job search criteria make your search for new employment easier, faster, and more successful

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step job search plan
  • Created specifically for you
  • Tailored to your specifications – all professions, all industries, all levels
  • Names and locations of up to 20 prospective employers that match your career goals
  • Names and locations of the recruiter/headhunter/employment agencies to contact
  • Names of the industry and professional associations you might consider joining
  • Industry-focused websites to follow
  • LinkedIn Groups you can join
  • Facebook Groups you can join
  • Instructions on exactly what to do to maximize the info in your plan
  • Click here to see an example ( content will vary based on your specific job search focus)