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Employer Research

Step 2: Detailed Employer Research

Knowing as much as you can learn about each prospective employer will help you at every phase of your job search: deciding which employers to target, networking, tailoring your approach, interviewing, and negotiating your compensation package. But getting the info you need can be difficult and time consuming. We make it easy!

example company data

Receive a multi-page report on each company you request (discounts available for multiple companies). Information provided will vary based on a variety of factors and what is available. We strive to provide as much information as possible. The typical report will include information such as:

  • Company location, main phone, fax, website, etc.
  • Company LinkedIn page, Twitter page, Facebook page, and Google+ page
  • Company size and number of employees
  • Credit rating
  • Date company started
  • Descriptive information
  • Industry classifications
  • Possible contacts for your search (names, job titles, direct phone and email when available)
  • Links to recent news about the company
  • Publicly available financial information
  • Links to information about employment at the company
  • Information about the company’s largest competitors
  • Information about the company’s geographically closest peers (possible additional targets for your job search)
  • Click here to see an example ( content will vary based on your specific job search focus)


  • 1-5 company reports $125 each
  • 6-10 company reports $105 each
  • 11 or more company reports $85 each